Featured Interviews/Podcast
  1. Profile featured on The Global Academy
  2. Featured Interview with Sheridan Sun News, Canada on Boosting your Immune System
  3. Live podcast on Global News Hour at 6, Edmonton, Canada on The use of Hand Sanitizer
  4. Webinar Panelist on STEM for FEM, USA
  5. Featured interview with CELLFIE magazine, USA on My Journey in Academia
  6. Live podcast on RedFm 89.1 FM/93.5 FM Evening Show, Vancouver, Canada on Immune System
  7. First Blog Featured on Medium.Com
  8. Featured interview with Elite Daily, USA on COVID-19 Perspective
  9. Featured interview with CTV News, Canada on COVID-19 sick people
  10. Profile Featured on 1 Million Women in STEM (1IMWIS) Database
  11. Panel speaker at Pacific Institute for the Mathematical Sciences (PIMS) Summer School, BC, Canada on Journey in Academia
  12. Expert interview with Global News, Canada on when Coronavirus first felt like a serious risk
  13. Featured on 500 Women Scientists in STEMM Directory
  14. Ph.D. work podcast on Rajya Sabha TV, Science Monitor News, India
  15. Featured interview with National Observer, Canada on Link between Viruses, Habitat destruction, Climate change
  16. Featured interview with Global News, Canada on COVID-19 Demand for Mask
  17. Editorial correspondor with Society of Life Sciences, USA
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